Selecting the Best Cushions for Outdoor Commercial Furniture

Best Cushions for Outdoor Commercial Furniture

Outdoor space for your bar, restaurant or hotel allows your guests to enjoy the comfort of the outdoors while dining or enjoying other amenities. However, outdoor furniture cushions can become ripped, cracked, or faded from the outdoor elements. They can also become stained from food and drinks, or develop a mildew smell from moisture. Here’s a simple guide in selecting cushions for your outdoor furniture.


Select Fabrics with Weather and Stain Resistance

Outdoor cushions can be ruined instantly. They can be stained by eating and drinking guests. Cushions also can soak in stains from dirt, grime, and even leaves that can leave a brown outline on the fabric. In addition, rain, ice, and snow can rot cushions from the inside out by locking in too much moisture. The sun can also cause damage, as the ultraviolet rays can fade colors.

Look for cushions made from acrylic, polyester, olefin or textile fabrics. These fabrics offer weather and UV resistance. They dry quickly so moisture doesn’t create mold or mildew inside the cushion. The acrylic-dyed fabric called Sunbrella offers top-of-the-line protection as the fibers retain their color fastness for years while also being washable with simple soap and water. Sunbrella fabrics provide fade resistance and are safe to use near pools as it doesn’t react to chlorine.


Cushion Styles to Fit the Commercial Theme

There are so many cushion styles to select from that commercial business owners can pick the one that is best suited for the patio space. Some styles include:

  • Knife-edge cushions: These cushions have two pieces of fabric that meets at the seam along the sides while having rounded corners. They are the most affordable type of cushion and can come in different fills based on how much of a cushioning you want to provide.
  • Waterfall-edge cushions: Waterfall-edge cushions have a fabric surface that runs smoothly from the back to over the front edge as it wraps around the underside of the cushion. They offer more relaxed comfort and are perfect for seating where people may slide themselves back onto the cushion, such as lounge chairs and chaise loungers.
  • Box-edge cushions: When looking for thicker cushions were guests will need extra support when sitting for long periods of time, such as for outdoor entertainment or enjoying drinks with friends, box-edge cushions are a great choice. They have double-edged piping for added strength along the seams.

These cushion styles can add a different atmosphere to patio spaces. A knife-edge cushion has a more laidback appearance, which can make it ideal for bar settings due to their affordability when you need a large number of cushions for space.  Meanwhile, waterfall-edge cushions are perfect styles for chairs and loungers around pool areas as pool water can easily be wiped away from the surface. Boxed-edge cushions add a bit of elegance and durability, as they can accommodate busy outdoor restaurant spaces and social areas.


Consider the Functionality of the Space

Cushions for your outdoor furniture should accommodate your guests based on their seating habits. In restaurants, people will only be on chairs for usually less than an hour to eat and converse with friends. So you can select cushions that are more affordable with less fill but can be easily cleaned.

For hotel and pool patio areas, guests may use the chairs, sofas, and loungers for longer periods of time. In these instances, you want more durability and cushioning for people who will be in a seated or lounge position for several hours.


Turn to Caluco for Your Outdoor Furniture Needs

Whichever cushions you select, come to Caluco for your customized outdoor furniture solutions. We provide a wide range of styles, fills and fabrics to select from as you can get the colors and patterns that work best with your commercial business. Send an online inquiry to our company today for more information, or ask for a free estimate.