Selecting the Best Cushions for Outdoor Commercial Furniture

Best Cushions for Outdoor Commercial Furniture

Outdoor space for your bar, restaurant or hotel allows your guests to enjoy the comfort of the outdoors while dining or enjoying other amenities. However, outdoor furniture cushions can become ripped, cracked, or faded from the outdoor elements. They can also become stained from food and drinks, or develop a mildew smell from moisture. Here’s a simple guide in selecting cushions for your outdoor furniture.


Select Fabrics with Weather and Stain Resistance

Outdoor cushions can be ruined instantly. They can be stained by eating and drinking guests. Cushions also can soak in stains from dirt, grime, and even leaves that can leave a brown outline on the fabric. In addition, rain, ice, and snow can rot cushions from the inside out by locking in too much moisture. The sun can also cause damage, as the ultraviolet rays can fade colors.

Look for cushions made from acrylic, polyester, olefin or textile fabrics. These fabrics offer weather and UV resistance. They dry quickly so moisture doesn’t create mold or mildew inside the cushion. The acrylic-dyed fabric called Sunbrella offers top-of-the-line protection as the fibers retain their color fastness for years while also being washable with simple soap and water. Sunbrella fabrics provide fade resistance and are safe to use near pools as it doesn’t react to chlorine.


Cushion Styles to Fit the Commercial Theme

There are so many cushion styles to select from that commercial business owners can pick the one that is best suited for the patio space. Some styles include:

  • Knife-edge cushions: These cushions have two pieces of fabric that meets at the seam along the sides while having rounded corners. They are the most affordable type of cushion and can come in different fills based on how much of a cushioning you want to provide.
  • Waterfall-edge cushions: Waterfall-edge cushions have a fabric surface that runs smoothly from the back to over the front edge as it wraps around the underside of the cushion. They offer more relaxed comfort and are perfect for seating where people may slide themselves back onto the cushion, such as lounge chairs and chaise loungers.
  • Box-edge cushions: When looking for thicker cushions were guests will need extra support when sitting for long periods of time, such as for outdoor entertainment or enjoying drinks with friends, box-edge cushions are a great choice. They have double-edged piping for added strength along the seams.

These cushion styles can add a different atmosphere to patio spaces. A knife-edge cushion has a more laidback appearance, which can make it ideal for bar settings due to their affordability when you need a large number of cushions for space.  Meanwhile, waterfall-edge cushions are perfect styles for chairs and loungers around pool areas as pool water can easily be wiped away from the surface. Boxed-edge cushions add a bit of elegance and durability, as they can accommodate busy outdoor restaurant spaces and social areas.


Consider the Functionality of the Space

Cushions for your outdoor furniture should accommodate your guests based on their seating habits. In restaurants, people will only be on chairs for usually less than an hour to eat and converse with friends. So you can select cushions that are more affordable with less fill but can be easily cleaned.

For hotel and pool patio areas, guests may use the chairs, sofas, and loungers for longer periods of time. In these instances, you want more durability and cushioning for people who will be in a seated or lounge position for several hours.


Turn to Caluco for Your Outdoor Furniture Needs

Whichever cushions you select, come to Caluco for your customized outdoor furniture solutions. We provide a wide range of styles, fills and fabrics to select from as you can get the colors and patterns that work best with your commercial business. Send an online inquiry to our company today for more information, or ask for a free estimate.

Commercial Outdoor Furniture 101: The Best and Low Maintenance Materials

Low Maintenance Material for Commercial Outdoor Furniture

When purchasing commercial outdoor furniture, you want more than just finding the chairs, tables, sofas and other furnishings that fit into the theme and functionality of the business. You also want to obtain materials that won’t require enormous amounts of maintenance. The furniture should be made from materials that can withstand moisture, resist fading from the ultraviolet sun, and stand up to the daily use from guests. In addition, performing maintenance shouldn’t put a significant dent into your budget or cause employees to spend too much time getting the furniture clean. Here are some low maintenance materials for your commercial outdoor space:



Plastics are usually the go-to materials when you are looking for low cost and low maintenance patio furniture. The common types of plastics used for outdoor furniture are polypropylene, polyethylene, and high-density polyethylene. For businesses who are looking for greener materials, recycled plastics are eco-friendly options that offer the same benefits.

These materials are typically resistant to rain, fading, and mildew. Also, they only need to be washed with soap and water. However, some plastic furniture is susceptible to cracking and scratches. Due to the lightweight nature of plastic furniture, they can be blown away in strong wind conditions.



Out of all the types of wood used for outdoor furniture, teak is typically the top choice. It is extremely low maintenance and easy to care for as teak can last for 50 years.

The material is resistant to weather as it doesn’t absorb a lot of water, and it doesn’t expand when wet. It also resists pests and insects. Teak can be easily cleaned with water and mild soap. Due to teak’s popularity and beauty as outdoor commercial furniture, it has a high price tag.



Wicker materials used for outdoor furniture are made from synthetic resins since natural wicker can become damaged from humidity and moisture, as it is placed onto an aluminum frame. This material is highly resistant to weather and very easy to clean. This type of wood is ideal when you are looking for low maintenance furniture that is eco-friendly and lightweight. Wicker does cost more than other materials because of its benefits.



Metal materials can be found in all types of outdoor commercial furniture. It can be used for frames, furniture rests and table legs. In addition, metal materials are also often paired with other materials such as wood, wicker and even plastic. Metal materials can usually withstand moisture, although they can often corrode at areas where the pieces of furniture are attached together with bolts and fasteners.

Common metal materials are aluminum and stainless steel. Both metals are low maintenance, although they can retain heat when left out directly in the sunlight. Aluminum is an inexpensive choice when you are looking for great commercial furniture that is cost effective.



Tempered glass is normally used when making commercial tabletops. It can be paired with metal and wood materials and is completely resistant to weather, stains, and pests. Tempered glass is heavy. So it is usually preferred when the furniture will not be moved on the commercial patio.

Price for tempered glass can vary from inexpensive to medium rates depending on the thickness of the material. You should be aware that tempered glass is reflective. It can cause a blinding glare when reflecting the sun’s rays as it can be uncomfortable to your guests.


Selecting the Furniture Materials for Your Commercial Outdoor Space

There are many material choices to select from for your commercial furniture. You may go with a chair that is made from one solid piece of material, such as plastic or select several materials for your customized furnishings. Whichever material you select, contact Caluco to obtain the custom commercial furniture that is right for your budget. Get a free estimate today or send us an inquiry online.

Advantages of Placing Custom Furniture into Office Spaces

Advantages of Placing Custom Furniture

When walking into an office space, you probably don’t even notice the furniture until you sit down onto it. Then you are aware of how mundane and standard the furnishings are for both employees and clients. Office furniture should be as creative as your environment to offer functionality, comfort, and style. When employees have furniture that further stimulates their creativity and personality, it can boost their morale while increasing productivity. Here are several advantages to having custom furniture in an office space.


Branding Options

Custom furniture can further brand your company to guests and clients who stop into the office. The furniture can have the patterns, colors and even logos that represent your company placed into the cushions and other furnishings. This branding angle can be tastefully done where it doesn’t feel overpowering. Instead, it can further promote products, ideas and the vision of the company to clients and employees. It leaves a lasting impression that can stay in the client’s memories after they leave as they will recall the amazing work experience.


Creates a Social Work Environment

You can have furniture built to the personality and preferences of the employees. Custom furniture can stimulate conversations and brainstorming sessions, allowing employees to sit comfortably together around tables that work better in small and large group settings. With comfortable, customized furniture, employees can have more positive interactions to spur better productivity.


Builds a Feeling of Value

When employees know that furniture has been customized to fit into their office space, they feel as if you value their work. Employees who believe are valued by their company will work harder to make the company a success. You accept how your employees are important members of your company and that you want them to feel welcome and comfortable the moment that they step into the office.


Better Fits into the Available Space

Another advantage to custom furniture in office spaces is that the sofa, chair or table can better fit into the room. You may have an office space that has varying architectural configurations. Custom furniture pieces can provide the right amount of space for employees without making the room feel crowded. You can have enough space so employees can easily move about. In addition, you can use custom furniture to direct client and guest foot traffic in the desired direction so they can obtain services from your employees.


Encourages Brainstorming and Creative Thinking

An interesting and unique piece of furniture can create a sense of inspiration for employees. They can look at the style and patterns to develop ideas that can be placed into the work that they produce. Custom furniture can tell a story that employees would like to convey about their experiences. A custom piece of furniture can allow for innovations to be created by employees by tapping into their creative juices and spurring them to greater brainstorming levels.


Obtain Affordable Custom Furniture for Your Office Space

Custom furniture gives you the opportunity to truly express yourself. Consider the types of furniture based on the floor layout, how the office will be used by employees and clients, and where custom furniture can further promote a healthy and interactive environment.


When you are ready to select the custom furniture that you need, contact Caluco. We provide commercial furniture for a range of businesses including hotels, restaurants, and bars. You can obtain furniture for both indoor and outdoor spaces that will suit the theme, style, and functionality of your operations.


You can browse through our furniture catalogs and modify existing designs for your commercial spaces. We also can design and build new furniture pieces for your indoor and outdoor work environment. Contact our company today by submitting an online inquiry. You can also receive a free custom furniture estimate.

Considerations When Planning A Patio Project

Considerations When Planning A Patio Project

Planning a patio for your customers will allow you to use this valuable space for everyday dining, lounging, and other entertainments as well as offering the space for rental purposes when people host special events. Before the project starts, there are several planning phases to consider that can impact how well the outdoor space turns out. Consider these factors when designing your commercial patio.


Location for Guests and Employees

The location of the outdoor patio is important for both guests and employees. It should be accessible enough for guests to find and use while allowing employees to provide their services. Also, consider the size of the location and the configuration of the patio when it will be used as a multipurpose space for your guests.


Seating Arrangements and Aisle Space

A commercial patio space may need different seating zones based on specific activities. You’ll want lounge chairs and tables by the pool for your resort hotel, or dining seats for your restaurant. You also need to take into consideration how the seating will be arranged. When planning your patio project, develop several different seating arrangements with aisles so you can build the patio in the right size.


The function of the Space

You will need to decide on the main use for the patio as well as any special use considerations. Will, it just be a place for dining, or will guests be able to go to an outdoor bar for drinks or a dance stage for live music events? Also figure out if you plan to allow guests to reserve the space for private events, such as wedding receptions or birthday parties.


Material for Patio Surfaces

Materials for patio surfaces should be ideal for both guests and employees to prevent people from getting involved in slip and fall accidents. You also want to select material that can stand up to daily abuse. In cases where the patio will be next to hotel pool areas, you may want to consider surface materials that will be comfortable for bare feet.


Lighting for Nighttime Use

Many restaurants and hotels will have patio areas that will be used late into the evening. When the sun goes down, you want to have lighting incorporated into space so people feel comfortable while eating, drinking and engaging in outdoor entertainment.


Themes and Styles for the Patio Space

Commercial business owners may desire to have a space that matches the interior design theme of other areas, such as dining rooms. This design theme is especially important if interior spaces will have side and rear doors open to enter the patio space, as you may want a uniform design theme throughout.


Budget and Emergency Costs

Commercial patio projects will have a range of costs based on the size of the patio, construction materials, and other patio elements. You should also set aside an emergency fund for unforeseen expenses that may crop up. You may decide to add more features to the patio space, or discover an underlying issue that needs to be addressed before the rest of the project can be completed.


Getting the Right Furnishings for Your Commercial Patio

Once your commercial patio project is completed, the next step will be to purchase all the furnishings for space. Customized commercial patio furniture can be constructed to match the theme of your business and the rest of the indoor furnishings. The furniture will also be constructed out of materials designed to stand up to the outdoor elements and the daily use by guests.


Here at Caluco, we specialize in custom outdoor commercial furniture for hotels, restaurants, bars and other businesses. If you are building a patio space and will need commercial furniture, contact our company today for a free estimate or submit an online inquiry.

Reasons to Buy Custom Replacement Cushions for Commercial Patio Furniture

Reasons To Buy Custom Replacement Cushions

As spring weather arrives, it’s time to take off the covers and place on the cushions to the commercial outdoor furniture. However, the cushions may be sagging, faded, and simply outdated. When this happens, you don’t have to toss the furniture out. Instead, consider buying outdoor replacement cushions to breathe new life into your furnishings. Here are several reasons to get custom replacement cushions.


Replacing Damaged or Saggy Cushions

One of the top reasons to get outdoor replacement cushions is to swap out damaged, stained or saggy cushions when the furniture frame is still in good condition. You can save on costs when buying in bulk for your lounge chairs, dining chairs and stools in your commercial space.


Swapping Outdated Designs and Themes

You may have recently renovated your hospitality business as the old cushion patterns and styles simply don’t match the new decor. In these instances, you can obtain custom replacement cushions in the styles that best fit into your outdoor design theme. You can select from knife-edge cushions, water-fall edge cushions, or box edge cushions so the fabric looks pleasing to the senses.


Obtaining Better Quality Materials

Another reason to buy custom replacement cushions is that you have better control over the quality of the materials. Unlike buying pre-made cushions at a regular big-box retailer, you can purchase custom cushions from a furniture manufacturer which provide greater levels of weather-resistant, stain-resistant and fade-resistant fabrics that are more tailored to the operations of your hospitality business. So you can rest assured that the cushions will be durable for daily, extended use by your guests.


Obtain Quality and High-Performance Outdoor Replacement Cushions

You need to have durable cushions for your commercial outdoor furniture. At Caluco, we provide custom replacement cushions so that they fit your existing furnishings while possessing the style and patterns you desire. Contact us today for a free estimate or submit an online inquiry to learn more about our custom furniture products.

Need Shade? Importance of Patio Umbrellas for Commercial Outdoor Spaces

importance of patio umbrellas

Companies in the hospitality industry are taking advantage of outdoor spaces to provide additional services to please their guests. Restaurant dining areas, outdoor bars, pool lounge spaces, fire pit areas, and gathering spots entice customers to go outside and relax. However, summer temperatures and the sun’s rays can make it too hot for guests to sit outside comfortably. Here are several reasons on why to buy patio umbrellas for your commercial outdoor space.


Importance of Patio Umbrellas

Patio umbrellas allow you to shade a specific area of your outdoor commercial space. They can be placed over a table for dining guests to bring shade to bright areas, or hangover lounge chairs to protect people from the UV rays of the sun so they don’t get sunburned. In addition, patio umbrellas can lower the temperature around bar areas so drinks can stay cooler for a longer time.]


Patio Umbrellas Buying Guide

There are many different styles of commercial patio umbrellas. The most common patio umbrella is a center pole that extends straight up with the canopy material at the top. The center pole umbrella has a solid base. These umbrellas may be freestanding to be placed beside outdoor commercial furniture or through tables that have a center hole. The pole may be one solid piece of metal or two pieces of metal that can be taken apart for storage purposes. They can come as small as 6 feet up to 11 feet or larger.


Another type of patio umbrella is a cantilever, also called an offset, umbrella. A cantilever umbrella has a straight metal pole with a jointed side pole and attached canopy to provide shade off to one side. These umbrellas can come in large sizes to shade dining tables or hot tubs as they can be pivoted 360 degrees.


Patio umbrellas can have round, square and rectangular canopies as they may be floor mounted, wall mounted or placed into the ground. The canopy materials can be made to withstand the UV rays of the sun, repel heat, and offer stain-resistant materials.


Protect Your Furniture and Shade Guests with Patio Umbrellas


There are many reasons on why to buy patio umbrellas. Select the umbrellas that best fit the space by contacting Caluco. Call us today to receive a free quote, or submit an inquiry online for more details about our commercial patio umbrellas.

Here’s Why You Should Avoid Using Residential Furniture in Commercial Spaces

Avoid Using Residential Furniture in Commercial Spaces

Deciding on interior design for commercial spaces focuses on a number of factors. You want the furniture that will provide the best functions for the given space, whether you are using the area for dining, lounging or special occasions. Also, you want furniture that can withstand varying weather if placed outside, captures the business theme, and doesn’t break your budget.


After looking at a range of furniture, you may decide on some residential furniture that is priced within your spending range and features modern designs. However, adding residential furniture to your commercial space can create issues.


What is Commercial Furniture?

Commercial furniture is normally designed based on its function, such as restaurant furniture or pool lounge furniture. They are also sold in bulk as you can find pricing for 10 to 50 pieces of furniture for one price. Due to the daily wear and tear, commercial furniture will be made from higher quality metals, wood species, and fabrics. It will also have non-corrosive materials and finishes that are weather-resistant, stain-resistant and fade resistant. In addition, you can easily get customized furniture designs that work best with your particular establishment.


What is Residential Furniture?

Residential furniture can be found in single pieces or in small sets, such as the dining room or living room sets of matching furniture. The furniture will be more stylish to capture the current trends, which can make the furniture outdated in a few years when the trend ends. Residential furniture will normally be the cheaper alternative due to the lesser quality materials and manufacturing methods.


Commercial Furniture VS. Residential Furniture

When it comes to furnishing commercial spaces, you’ll get more strength and durability when selecting commercial furniture. You won’t have to switch out commercial pieces when the current trends change, which can be costly when selecting residential chairs, sofas, and upholstery. The commercial furniture will also be easier to maintain and clean after daily use.

If you need commercial furniture for your outdoor space, turn to Caluco. Speak with our design experts today.

3 Tips to Get the Right Outdoor Furniture for Businesses

Your commercial business captures the theme and style of the location, your offered services, and even your personality. You want outdoor furniture that matches this design theme while offering the right functionality and comfort for your guests. Here are three tips to help you pick out the best outdoor furniture that perfectly fits into your business.

Match Furniture to Functionality

Your outdoor patio may have different purposes based on what you offer your guests and how people will interact with the space. You may have a section strictly for dining, a bar location, and a lounge area where people can talk and relax.

Select furniture sets based on space functionality. You’ll want conversation sets of sofas, Adirondack chairs and loungers for relaxation; dining sets of straight-backed chairs and tables for restaurant dining areas; and bar sets of high stools and bar tables or bistro sets for bar areas that also provide meal choices.

Match Furniture on Your Business Theme

Businesses will adopt certain themes to create specific moods or experiences for guests. Consider modern outdoor furniture Los Angeles trends that match your theme.

For example, pick bright colors and large prints for tropical resort themes. Wood and rustic furniture styles around fire pits would suit country, garden, and camping themes. Metal, stone and wicker furniture pieces may be suitable for businesses with mountain, lake or beach themes.

Also, consider the types of materials used in specific countries when you have a location-inspired or culture-inspired business. If you have a Moroccan restaurant or a Mediterranean-themed hotel, consider furniture materials that are most seen and used in those locations.

Scale Furniture Based on Space

You want to maximize the fullest potential of your outdoor commercial space to accommodate the right number of guests. Overly large pieces of outdoor furniture can make small patio areas feel crowded as both guests and employees have a difficult time moving about. Having smaller pieces may not be suitable for larger spaces to inspire socializing and conversations.

To get the right furniture for your business, consider Caluco Furniture. We provide customized and modern outdoor furniture for Los Angeles businesses. Reach out to our staff today to inquire about our furniture selections and to receive a free estimate.

Select the Right Fabric for Your Outdoor Commercial Patio Furniture

Owning a hotel, resort, bar or restaurant with an outdoor patio space requires you to provide the most comfortable and relaxing area that will attract guests. You’ve picked the right frame material for customized luxury outdoor furniture, yet fabric material is a tougher choice.

Fabric materials can break down faster from the sun, wind, rain and snow. They can mold, mildew, fade and tear. Luckily, textile manufacturers for commercial patio chairs and sofas have developed synthetic fabrics for outdoor use. These fabrics can take on the appearance of other fibers such as velvet, leather, corduroy and linen-like weaves while providing durability and longevity.

Types of Fabric for Commercial Patio Furniture

Olefin Fabric: Olefin fabric is solution-dyed synthetics that resist mold, mildew and heat. It is stain resistant, but has less of a softness as it feels smooth and lightweight. It can be cleaned using regular cleaning products such as bleach or chlorine, as the fabric can be suitable for bar and pool areas.

Acrylic Fabric: Acrylic fabric is also solution-dyed as the acrylic fibers are designed to be moisture resistant and fade resistant. It resists rubbing and scratching exceptionally well as the fabric is breathable so it is cooler to the touch. Acrylic fabric costs more than olefin fabric while looking beautiful on customized luxury outdoor furniture.

Polyester Fabric: Polyester fabric is a synthetic material covered in vinyl PVC mesh or acrylic. This fabric is dipped into the colors or has the colors painted on instead of being solution dyed. It is moisture resistant, dries quickly and resists tears. However, the fabric fades faster than other outdoor fabrics as it is more suitable for shaded patio areas.

When you are looking for commercial patio chairs, sofas and lounge seats that can stand the test of time, look at the selections available at Caluco and our COM fabrics. Contact us for a free estimate, or use our online form to submit an inquiry, to learn more about our high performance and quality outdoor fabric.

New Commercial Furniture Trends to Look for in 2019

To attract guests to your hotel, restaurant or bar setting, you want to incorporate fashionable and trendy interior designs into your outdoor patio and lounge spaces to create relaxing and fun environments. Here at Caluco, we’ve been tracking the newest commercial furniture trends that will be popping up throughout 2019. Check out what is the most popular themes.

Oversized and Plush for Romantic Settings

There’s nothing more comfortable and romantic than curling up on a large, soft pillow and cuddling with someone you love. In 2019, oversized plush cushions set in southwestern flared extruded aluminum frames, deep seating and sling backs are the desired medium for commercial patio chairs and sofas. This look takes alfresco to a whole other level.

Going Crazy with Cords

Looking for something trendy and modern? Caluco has taken something as simple as recyclable vinyl cords and turned them into extraordinary customized luxury garden furniture. Looking like shimmering glass ropes, the Cords collection designed by Indira Lourenco combine environmentally friendly and recycled materials into tables, day beds, sofas, dining chairs and club chairs as the vinyl cords line the sides, back and around frames.

History Returning for a Visit

Another 2019 commercial furniture trend is focusing on design embellishments and traditional themes to bring back a sense of historical times. Simple lines, deep seating, large oversized pillows, and intricate casings will make people feel as if they have stepped back in time.

White, Cream and Chic Fabrics

When it comes to colors, Art deco is definitely the “in” trend with bold colors and geometric designs. Yet white and cream fabrics are also becoming go-to colors for outdoor commercial patio chairs. The crisp and clean look is still highly desired in commercial settings that can match a range of architectural designs and business themes.

Always get the latest commercial patio furniture trends with Caluco. Contact us today for a free estimate or send us an online inquiry about our furniture collections.