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November 23, 2018

3 Tips to Get the Right Outdoor Furniture for Businesses

Your commercial business captures the theme and style of the location, your offered services, and even your personality. You want outdoor furniture that matches this design theme while offering the right functionality and comfort for your guests. Here are three tips to help you pick out the best outdoor furniture that perfectly fits into your business.

Match Furniture to Functionality

Your outdoor patio may have different purposes based on what you offer your guests and how people will interact with the space. You may have a section strictly for dining, a bar location, and a lounge area where people can talk and relax.

Select furniture sets based on space functionality. You’ll want conversation sets of sofas, Adirondack chairs and loungers for relaxation; dining sets of straight-backed chairs and tables for restaurant dining areas; and bar sets of high stools and bar tables or bistro sets for bar areas that also provide meal choices.

Match Furniture on Your Business Theme

Businesses will adopt certain themes to create specific moods or experiences for guests. Consider modern outdoor furniture Los Angeles trends that match your theme.

For example, pick bright colors and large prints for tropical resort themes. Wood and rustic furniture styles around fire pits would suit country, garden, and camping themes. Metal, stone and wicker furniture pieces may be suitable for businesses with mountain, lake or beach themes.

Also, consider the types of materials used in specific countries when you have a location-inspired or culture-inspired business. If you have a Moroccan restaurant or a Mediterranean-themed hotel, consider furniture materials that are most seen and used in those locations.

Scale Furniture Based on Space

You want to maximize the fullest potential of your outdoor commercial space to accommodate the right number of guests. Overly large pieces of outdoor furniture can make small patio areas feel crowded as both guests and employees have a difficult time moving about. Having smaller pieces may not be suitable for larger spaces to inspire socializing and conversations.

To get the right furniture for your business, consider Caluco Furniture. We provide customized and modern outdoor furniture for Los Angeles businesses. Reach out to our staff today to inquire about our furniture selections and to receive a free estimate.

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