Outdoor Furnishings

Caluco’s catalog is designed to fit all interiors styles and architectural volumes, so that purchasing groups, consumers, designers and landscape architects can always find the solution to their contract or project need.

wholesale patio furniture
  • wholesale patio furniture


  • Bars

  • Restaurants

  • Beaches

Exquisite Design

Our hospitality commercial patio furniture pieces are recognized for their exquisite design. We offer a large assortment, high quality, custom-crafted pieces demanded especially across the hospitality industry. You imagine it, we can make it! All we need is your inspiration image or sketch


Custom Patio Furniture

At Caluco, our innovative and strong product line, created specifically for the hospitality industry, gives infinite solutions to your seating area conundrum.
Increasing number of business that use our hospitality patio furniture give us the right an obligation to constantly set a new standards in design, purpose and perception of outdoor furniture.


Cosmopolitan Hotel Nevada

Establishment: Cosmopolitan Hotel
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Year: 2017

City National Plaza Downtown Los Angeles

Establishment: City National Plaza
Location: Downtown Los Angeles
Year: 2017

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