Light, durable and versatile, it is the design material par excellence. Caluco works with only superior quality aluminum for cast and welded furniture solutions, to create dramatic architectural shapes or curvy enveloping forms resistant to any weather and easy to stack for transport and winter storage.

Cast Aluminum

Cast aluminum outdoor furniture is made using a process, called casting, where molten aluminum is poured into a mold. This process produces the most pure and resilient aluminum. Cast aluminum outdoor furniture is caste in pieces and then welded together, which seals out water and the elements. As cast aluminum is solid, the resulting product is much heavier than wrought and tubular aluminum furniture. Our cast aluminum patio furniture is rust proof and low maintenance.

Extruded Aluminum

Extruded aluminum is preferred for outdoor furniture because it requires no maintenance. In addition, aluminum is strong, durable, and will not rust. The extrusion process is basically a simple one; a solid billet or bar of aluminum is pushed through a die to give it the desired shape. Extrusions are welded and bolted together to form the final product. Once the welding is complete, we powder coat it to the color of your choice. The final result is a long lasting and beautiful piece of outdoor furniture.